Farmers are the Heroes

Check out the ORICoop Producers Market Platform

Three simple steps .......

1) Make sure you are an ORICoop member, if not follow the link HERE

2)  You can sign up with OFN here, list your produce, and send us a message so we can link your page with this platform (too easy!)

3) If you are not sure where to start, are not that tech savvy, or simply need a hand, you can reach out to Open Food Network and they will help onboard your farm and produce, help you with the first steps, and empower you to manage your own (with loads of online resources!)  You can contact OFN team directly HERE and make sure you select ORICoop so that your page once live, can be linked to this producer platform.

Here at ORICoop – we are all about collaboration.  For organic, biodynamic farmers and eaters, one meal at a time!

If you are a producer, small, large, organic, certified, growing, downsizing – we want you to join us here – ORICoop Producers.  No strings attached – we want ALL our ORICoop producer members to be in one place, easy to find for everyone!

Why are we doing this?

  • To bring organic producers to one ‘platform’ to support each other, get easier access and fairer prices (cooperative value)
  • For producers to have better transparency on current prices and access to more open markets (rather than via traders)
  • Capacity for better education – as more farmers in one ‘place’

What can this achieve?

  • Enables a decentralised farmer owned ‘marketplace’ for local producers
  • Enables trading directly between growers & producers (hay, fodder, produce)
  • Inclusion of certified, biodynamic, in-transition & non-certified organic producers
  • Low cost and barrier to entry to enable better collaboration between producers

What will the funds support?

  • All administration is funded via a low cost yearly subscription
  • ORICoop members can opt in (or out) of this subscription at any time
  • Dedicated funds will mean better support for local producers
    • Organic best practice
    • Farm driven research
    • Product promotion
    • Market access
    • A portion of these funds will dedicated for emergency funds for industry
    • Bushfire or natural disaster appeals


ORICoop Producers

    • No charge (for any ORICoop members)
    • Makes finding ORICoop local producer members easy
    • All producers included – certified, biodynamic, PGS and organic (non-certified)
    • You can join HERE

  • ORICoop Farmer Subscription 
    • Yearly fee ($145/for first year) – payable direct via ORICoop website (BUTTON)
    • Access to online farm mapping resource
    • Enables direct trading between organic producers
    • Feature story in next edition of BioLogical journal
    • Producers pay fee to OFN (between 1 – 3%) for sales from platform (no commission on direct sales)
    • Or can deal direct (no commissions) from static page
    •  ORICoop farmer rates for workshops, both online and in person