Eco-Credit Projects

See our first validated Eco-Credit projects online (click image for further details)

Plateau Organic Avocados

Plateau Organics

Mooral Creek, NSW

A certified organic farm producing avocado, citrus and macadamia nuts with an exemplary history of sustainable tree crops, agroforestry, water conservation and increasing soil carbon.

Temple Farm Project

Temple Farm

Cherry Tree Pool, Western Australia

Certified Organic farm with advanced ecosystem integration principles and history of agroforestry, landscape management, water conservation, habitat linking and increasing soil carbon.

How do producers register for the Eco-Credit™?

Farmers around Australia have an exceptional opportunity to draw down carbon above and below the ground and benefit from the demand in the carbon market.

Through improved regenerative and organic land stewardship practices, producers can be rewarded for improving the land they manage and the carbon that is sequestered terrestrially via biodiversity enrichment and through an increase in soil organic carbon, natural capital and biodiversity. Eco-Credits ™ are generated by organic and regenerative producers that are committed to increase the amount of carbon stored in their soil and to improve the quality of the water, soil, and biodiversity in their organic and ecological farming system. These commitments are independently verified each year, and fully traceable back to each producer.

Opportunities for farmers to commit to Ecological Credits (Eco-Credits™) include a tailored combination of:

  • Measured levels of carbon in the soil
  • Dedicated areas of biodiversity
  • Planting more native trees and cover crops
  • Improving on-farm sustainability

Organic and Biodynamic Producers can REGISTER HERE for the next Eco-Credit project.

Once you register ORICoop will tally your estimated credit generation via our calculator tool. We will also ascertain your future business intentions in regard to generating further credits. This data will contribute to an annual Eco-Credit™ report for purchasers of the Eco-Credit™. This report includes the collective Eco-Credit™ impact, and the ecological draw-down benefit of well-managed farmland together with on-farm sustainability, improved biodiversity areas including birds, insects, and endangered wildlife. If your business is interested in purchasing Eco-Credits – complete the order form above to register for our next available Eco-Credits. If you are interested in learning more about the sustainability footprint of your business contact us for assistance to get started on your journey.

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