Organic Farmland Investment

ORICoop is working to preserve the legacy and future land ownership opportunities of organic and biodynamic farms across Australia. We work together with like minded investors and landholders to enable aligned investment into the organic agriculture sector. This includes farm operators wishing to expand, diversify, retire or semi-retire, cease active farming or manage other transition outcomes in their family business, with aligned investors looking for investment that combines ecological land stewardship, healthy food and fair returns.

The Australian Organic industry is currently experiencing unprecedented growth and demand, driven by a discerning consumer in both Australia and overseas, as consumer values place a higher value on healthy, safe and nutritious food produced in a way that preserves our environment and softens the ecological footprint for future generations.

This is an ORICoop initiative designed to enhance and build resilience in the organic & biodynamic industry. ORICoop does not receive a fee for making introductions with our members and we do not recommend or warrant investments. Investors, existing businesses and landholders must make their own evaluation and investigation of the suitability of the arrangements, with full consideration of their own personal and financial circumstances.