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ORCA Investment Opportunity

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Are you interested in organic and regenerative food and agriculture?   Keen to see how catalytic capital can influence our food and farming system for the better?  Have you considered investing in farmer owned, farmer led, local food initiatives?  ORICoop is pleased to release our ORCA Investment Offer.

Important Information

This investment offer is open to ORICoop members (as retail investors) and to wholesale investors. See our Disclosure Documentation for full information regarding our Investor Shares and ORICoop’s Cooperative Structure.

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    DISCLAIMER: ORICoop does not make any recommendation or representation in respect of any specific investments. Interested investors should do their own investigation and analysis. They should seek independent professional advice and ensure the intended investment and its inherent risks are suitable to their particular circumstances.

    Meet the Team

    ORICoop Directors

    Carolyn Suggate


    Greg Paynter


    Trevor Moyle


    Maroye Marinkovic


    Sandra Fishwick


    ORCA Business Model

    The ORCA Investment is enabling catalytic capital to underwrite aligned investment into tailored bespoke solutions for organic producers to capture better strategic markets and build stronger on-farm resilience across Southern Australia.

    “Agriculture is going through the biggest and most urgent transition it’s ever known and requires new solutions and technology to make change happen at scale, from the farm gate to consumer.” -Carolyn Suggate

    The ORCA Project

    The ORCA project was originally funded through the Sustainable Table Fund. Through this project we identified key barriers and solutions to provide better outcomes for organic and regenerative grain producers across the Riverina District, the Mallee to South Australia and into Western Australia. This includes providing a tailored online marketplace, strategic investment into bespoke grain handling facilities and expanding farmer owned organic brands for quality organic products.

    Our mission is to enable our members to capture better ex-farm market opportunities, to increase their on-farm profitability and to diversify the business risk with better markets, diversified regenerative crops and increase the level of  transparency of their farm practices along the supply chain to the end consumer.

    Our objective is to increase the size, value and diversity of the organic grain sector in Australia year on year. Through expanding the existing markets and further diversifying better and stronger markets both domestically and through export opportunities the organic grain sector has a very bright future for Australian grain growers!

    Future Opportunities


    Farmer-led green impact bond that supports organic & regenerative land stewardship. 

    Ethical Water Trust

    Water is central to Agriculture.  Together with producers we enable ethical investment for long term sustainable returns, that retain water rights for the benefit of producers.