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Support these producers that have faced bushfires and multiple floods over the past year or two. It’s unrelenting and we know that businesses cannot withstand these pressures much more with direct support.

With our tailored support, we give these producers hope.  Support them where they need it.  And build more capacity for producing facing the worst natural disasters ever.  We need your help!

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The recovery and full extent of damage on these communities is yet unknown. What we do know is these communities are strong. And we will stand by them in this time of need.

Now is the time to back your farmers – eat as if it matters!



Since November 2019 ORICoop has stepped up to support organic and biodynamic producers directly affected by catastrophic bushfires, damaging floods and natural disasters that have become more severe, more frequent, and more devastating.

Thanks to the generosity of many we have raised almost $500,000 including cash, in-kind and grants. Thanks to alliances like the Australian Mutuals Foundation we continue to dig deep when needed. For many of these producers their recovery is far from over. We intend to support them in their long journey towards recovery, including guidance, on-farm support, and an ear when they need it. We encourage you to get involved and help however you can. As we navigate the frequency, the severity and the risk to human life and food security in natural disasters never seen to this extent before.

We need your help now. Whether you are a producer with some additional hay or resources that a farmer in need could use. A volunteer that could help with some marketing expertise or business support. Or a business keen to donate directly to support these producers. We will ensure the help gets to where it’s needed the most. And quickly.

You can: 

If you are a business interested in direct donations from your business – you can contact us HERE.

** If you are an organic or biodynamic producers interested to donate fodder, agistment or supplies directly to flood affected organic farmers contact us here

ORICoop is working with partners to get our farmers back growing organic food and fibre. All financial support donated to the Resilience Fund is overseen by our Resilience Fund Counsel & an ORICoop Board member to ensure that the funds get to those that need it.

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